Thus Saith The Lord 2005

Thus Saith the Lord 2005

Thus Saith the Lord 2005

The Lord Jesus began appearing to me while I lay dying of cancer in Roswell NM in Nov 1993. He usually appears in an intense white light while I am praying, I am unable to speak I can only listen. The Lords words were usually encouragement and guidance for me, but in January 2003 that changed. Herein follows the words of our Savior and King, Jesus to the nation and the church.

3-18-05: “Child of MINE and MY prophet, the one crying in the wilderness. Speak what I say, loud and clear. Do not stutter when I speak. It is MY truth you speak.
This nation you people call it “free.” You people who have forgotten GOD, shall depart to Sheol. I will put fear in the nation. To let them know that they are but men. These people sit in church, and call them bodies of Christ, and blaspheme ME! Hypocrites!! I see so many scribes and Pharisees. This nation has sunk into their pit, the pit that man hath made. I will execute judgment. All will see MY hand. It is here now. People have sunk so deep into sin that they are blind.
I said before watch the weather. Have you not seen? You have eyes, but you do not see. MY power will be manifested. Open your eyes. I say REPENT!! nation!!
Soon all will see.
I AM judge of all. Judgment will come. The pit and the snare are upon you. Oh inhabitants; know the windows of heaven are open and the foundations of the earth shake and tremble. This earth is broken and shaken.
Nation and churches; I say again. Read MY truth and take heed, before it is to late. The time grows nigh. Revelation 3:1-6. REPENT!! and come back to MY first commandment.”

4-1-05 A few days ago the LORD gave me a parable for the small band of warriors that HE has raised-up around here. HE has now commanded me to tell everyone.

“The master of the house knew that he was going to be attacked, so he called his servants to him. He told them they would have to take up their weapons and fight for the master and his house. He asked who would stand for him and his house. Only a few stood for him and his house. The others left.
Who do you think were the warriors most faithful and true? CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY WHOSE SIDE YOU STAND ON. The battle is on. Draw your weapons!”

4-12-05: “Ye people everywhere, listen when I speak. It is truth and life for him who believeth. You come and bring ME vain offerings. I will endure no more solemn assembly and can not endure iniquity any longer! I have spoken to you and you have not listened. I have been calling and you have disobeyed ME. You brood of varmints! You call yourself a nation where I AM head. I say again. Where am I?
MY wrath is coming. You have built a den of iniquity in many of MY bodies. I will tear down and build up new bodies, strong bodies. Choose this day whom you will serve. You do not keep what is written in MY book. It has no meaning to you.
This is a rebellious nation. They do not want to hear truth. They feed on lies. So many are being swallowed-up by Satan the roaring lion. But nay! I AM here to say, there is only one lion with true authority and that is The Lion of Judah! I come back like a lion! MY word is pure and a light. Do not turn your back on MY Truth.”

The Lord gave me this vision and word at 2:30 A.M.5-4-
The Desert

I saw before me a vast and never ending desert wasteland. It stretched as far as the eye could see, from horizon to horizon. Upon this landscape I could see a great multitude of people running towards a large cistern of water. When they arrived at the cistern they realized that the water was only a mirage, in fact the cistern was dry and full of sand.
The people began to moan and wail, making horrible noises such as I have never heard. They ran to other cisterns only to discover that these too were also dry and sand filled. I watched this scene for a long time as they continued to search for a way to quench their thirst. Every so often someone would cry-out to God. “Help us oh God. Have pity on us. We tried to live right. Help us oh
Then the Lord spoke;”You self-righteous nation. You make MY house a house of debauchery. You call evil good and good evil. You are wise in your own eyes. Woe be unto you. You put MY laws to shame, but it will be woe unto you mockers and self-righteous nation and church. Where are MY bodies? I AM crying out. Do not let MY people go astray. People thirst but do not find any water. All the wells have dried up. Oh, where are the wells? So many in MY so called bodies do not even know that the enemy is holding them by the throat.
I then saw a great many mounds of white sand.
These hills were barren and sterile. Not a sign of life on any of them. The Lord spoke; ” See what I make the churches and this nation. A desolate place. I AM calling for MY chosen ones. Run to the lost now! While there is still a little daylight left. Tarry no more. MY chosen ones cloth yourselves with sackcloth. Cry-out and moan to ME. I speak what will come. It is not far off. WATCH! There will be a severe drought in France. Watch and see. I speak no lies. Where are MY chosen ones? Speak now! There will be more droughts to come.
I speak again. MY house is in ruins. All run to their own house and leave MY house in ruin. I will bring drought on some of this land. You will produce no fruit. Know also MY words in Jeremiah 12:17. See I have spoken.”

On 7-18-05 at 3:45 P.M. The Lord came an spoke:

“This nation is going against all commands. Where are MY laws? They have forgotten MY words. The people do not seek ME, they seek after idols made by men. Churches have built idols, saying they love and worship ME. They are like Pharisees and Scribes. A brood of vipers. I will have no part with them. I see no fruit for MY Fathers Kingdom. I look for fruit. Know MY words in Jeremiah 21:14. They are true words and WILL COME TO PASS. Give watchful thought to your ways. Write MY words on your heart Haggai 1:7.”

On 9-13-05 The Lord came and spoke:

“This nation, that has turned away from ME, these words are for you; Hosea Chapter 7.
I desired to heal this land. You have ears, but nay do not hear. Know I have a remnant who has heard. Their ears are open.
MY remnant, I have brightened your eyes. This word is for MY remnant; Ezra 9:8-9
Listen, those who will. Many will not. Churches, I say again. Take care of the orphans, widows, and strangers. Come back to ME. No more asking! MY words are few. Listen when I speak. For woe unto you who do not!”

On 9-19-05 The Lord came and spoke:

“This nation does not serve ME, all they serve are useless idols. No more the Great I AM, the Lord JESUS CHRIST. When I speak I can bring calamity and disaster. No one is above ME. No one!!! Know the meaning of MY words in Jeremiah 22:8-9.”

On 9-21-05 The Lord came and spoke:

” I said in MY word let no one deceive you. The man of lawlessness is already at work. Rebellion is already here. I see it in this nation USA and I see it in the churches. People are perishing because they refuse to love truth. They have delighted and find great joy in doing wickedness. Worshiping man-made idols and traditions and rules. OH! Perverse generation! Where am I? You who delight in wickedness will perish.”


“This is for MY body of believers, MY so-called church. Did I not tell you to take care of orphans, widows, and strangers? You are so far from MY word. Stop what you are doing NOW!! Get back to serving ME and MY people. Read Titus 3:14.”


“Listen to MY voice people. You are so far from ME. You look over here and over there and do not find ME. You have put idols up. You are blind to ME and MY commands. I do not hear you. This nation, and also AM speaking to France and many more. You are so proud you do not need or want ME. Do you not see why I have removed MY hand? Know, I do not want your words. I want obedience. If I find none I will go where it is. This nation USA, pride is your downfall. I have spoken for this time.”


“You people do not hear. Why am I asking? You have ears, but do not hear. You close your ears and hearts to things of MY kingdom and open your ears and hearts to the things of Satan and the world. I tell you NOW! read all MY words in Jeremiah 7:21-29. MY remnant; weep for these fallen ones.
10-30-05 Prophet of Mine, this is another word to add to the last word for the earth. This one is for the USA.
All the big and fancy buildings humans have built where I AM not welcome will be destroyed. Not one stone will be left on top of another. Glass will break and shatter.


” I AM coming with words of judgment. I have given warning after warning. You do not hear. I am speaking to this nation USA. No more will you receive words from MY book. You will hear what I AM saying now to you. I will speak clearly. This nation is a brood of vipers. Destroying everything I created.
You call MY voices which I have sent forth false. I sent them forth in MY old days. Know I do not change. I AM the same now as then.
I will come with a word soon for MY unfaithful buildings.”


“This is for this wicked generation. Know this is ME, the Great I AM, speaking. Amos 3:7-11”


“I say what I mean. MY so-called bodies are so lukewarm, they are getting cold. You are a bunch of vipers and snakes, competing and fighting with each other. Do you not see? I AM not for sale.
You turn away MY remnant. They will not be stopped. MY power will be manifested. No Laodicean body will stop it from coming forth. The ones who stand in the way will be stopped. I do not tolerate rebellion in anyone.
So many are saying where am I, but they no longer seek ME with all their hearts and minds. I Am going to pour out MY power on MY remnant. When I said you will do greater things than these, I do not make idle talk.
Why is no one listening when I speak? I send forth MY prophets, but you turn them away. When you do not listen, you will answer to ME.
I say again, I can not be sold. MY gift of salvation is free. I paid for it with MY blood. MY blood means nothing to so many and so many take it for granted. You make MY death and resurrection a joke. I will not be mocked by anyone. All will be judged accordingly. I AM a just judge.
You write all these books and forget the only true Book. There is MY word. You have taken it out of MY bodies, and put in its place rubbish and false teaching. You do not take seriously what I say in MY book. When I speak ” be holy for I AM holy” it is not just idle talk. I SAY WHAT I MEAN! Know the way is narrow, and I say again. Few are those that find it. Right now I AM weeding out and pruning. So many do not want to see and feel it, but they will see and feel it. I say MY remnant is on the narrow path. Why are there so few on the narrow path?
You look to find ME and do not find ME. You look in all the wrong places. You have forgotten where I AM at. I look for true followers of MINE, but do not find many. I say again and again I AM not for sale. I will not tolerate false teaching any more. NO MORE watering down MY words. Time is short. JUDGMENT IS COMING FOR THE RIGHTEOUS AND UNRIGHTEOUS!”


“MY true followers do you not see the falling away? So many want to listen to men instead of ME. People twist everything I have written. Satan is roaming around and MY used to be followers are falling away and into Satan’s trap. So many of MY so-called shepherds are deceiving all who have ears.
I will stand no more!! I AM going to remove MY lampstand. I gave and give no warning. No one hears. So no more warnings.
Judgment is to begin in MY so-called house. All sit and believe that all is well. Know; I come like a thief in the night. I have sent MY prophets, but as of old, you do not want to hear.
Now I will show. Listen: any one who calls on MY name will be saved by MY Blood. Woe be unto them who refuse! I THE LORD HAVE SPOKEN”