Thus Saith The LORD

Thus Saith the Lord


Thus Saith the Lord 2003

Words from Jesus to the church and the world

The Lord Jesus began appearing to me while I lay dying of cancer in Roswell NM in Nov 1993. He usually appears in an intense white light while I am praying, I am unable to speak I can only listen. The Lords words were usually encouragement and guidance for me, but in January 2003 that changed. Herein follows the words of our Savior and King, Jesus to the nation and the church.

1-15-03: "Tell all the church they have gifts to use for MY Fathers Kingdom, if they would only use them for MY Fathers Glory."

1-21-03: "Romans 9:17 for all people"

1-22-03: " All people read Isaiah 35, I want to save all people."

1-29-03: "Come to ME, MY arms are open wide, but the gate is narrow. Follow MY Father or people will be lost without love and hope forever more. These words are for all Revelation 2:4-5&7. This is what I decree to all.

2-1-03: "All read MY words in Psalm 103 and take heed to it."

2-5-03: "I AM warning people to turn to ME and come alive. I will display mighty works. People will either believe, or dismiss ME. If they do this they are forsaking MY Father. As MY word says, depart from ME I never knew you. Everyone take to heart what I say."

2-10-03: "Therefore you also be ready for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. Take MY word to heart and soul in Revelation 7:10. MY Father has spoken. I will move in mighty and wondrous ways, so that the people will no longer doubt, that it is I, The Great I AM."

2-12-03: "Many people will say they know ME, but have never known ME. I want all to come to ME in a personal way. I want to come into there hearts and minds. Keep telling MY words to everyone. There are no truer words spoken in all earth or heaven. Read Mark 8:36-38, for MY Father has spoken. Come to ME all who are tired and I will give rest. Also read these words from MY Father Revelation 22:6-7."

2-13-03: " MY word I give and decree. It is spoken, Matthew 12:35-38. The world and this nation need to cry out to MY Father, HE Will hear."

2-15-03: " Take heed to MY words in Haggai 2:6, Revelation 20:14 & 9:2."

2-17-03: " I come to the lost and weary, for all to humble themselves before MY Father. Now is the time. Read these words they are from the book of life for all, 2 Peter 3:11. They are truth study on them. Time is near go out and preach the good news everywhere. I want people to go to the Pharisees and the Scribes and tell them time is at hand. I give power and strength to all who call on ME."

2-19-03: "Psalm 75:4-7, think hard about these words and take them to heart."

2-22-03: "These words of truth I give to everyone and the church, Amos 5:21-22, it is spoken. Remember all, not to lay up treasure here on earth for they will waste away, but treasures in MY Father's kingdom last forever. Nation repent and come to ME."

2-24-03: "Dwell on this people of this nation. What you people of this nation hold in high regard will be taken away
and you will be left with nothing but an empty soul. MY Kingdom will never pass away, but yours will soon be gone. I the LORD have spoken."

2-24-03: "Everyone who does not repent will perish away, their flesh will become dry bones and blow away. Nation repent the time is at hand, read Ezekiel 18:30-31. Repent I say, turn your face towards ME and be filled with MY power and spirit. Now is the time."

2-28-03: "Repent, I say and bow down to MY Father. He is the answer to everything wrong with this nation. MY Father has spoken, every knee shall bow. MY Father is merciful and gracious to all who call on HIM. Read MY truth 1 Corinthians
15:25-26. All seek MY face and they will see ME. I have all power over life and death."

3-2-03: "Always know destruction comes on all who defile the LORD Almighty. Read Jeremiah 2:6-8, it is written."

3-3-03: " Galatians 6:7-10"

3-6-03: " Love abounds all around. I AM love in everything.
This nation has forgotten MY Father's first commandent. Tell
them to tear down their idols. They have many. Here are MY words of truth for all, Deuteronomy 2:19-21. What I say is truth there is no other truth. I AM the Begining and the End, there is no name above MY Name."

3-10-03: " I want workers for the harvest.Go out and pluck it. The harvest is ripe for the plucking. Come to ME all who are tired and weary, I will give rest. Remember Satan is the author of chaos. He roams around like a stalking beast. Put on MY full armor and prepare for battle, for it is here now. Read Revelation 15:4, it is MY word. Many will say they know ME and I will say depart from ME I never knew you. Time is near. MY return is coming like a thief in the night, the twinkling of an eye. I say again pluck the harvest, do the great commission I commanded. I declare it again, many will cry out to ME and say I worshiped in Your house, but they never knew ME."

3-14-03: " All I want from people, is to pledge themselves to ME, for MY saving grace and mercy. People have so many
idols in the way of coming to ME. I can not tear down these
idols, they will not let ME. Read Isaiah 55:11. I wish none should perish, but it is their choice. Everyone who has ears let them hear, if you hear MY voice do not harden your heart. Do not be blind to MY truth. There is no name above MY Father's Name, take heed to this everyone."

3-17-03: "I come for the whole world to know that I reign over everything. I have created this land and I can destroy it also. All people cry out to MY Father and humble yourselves, tear down your idols or I will take them away. Stay in MY truth the only true book there is. MY Father does not wish any should perish. I leave all with these words of truth, 2 Timothy 2:26."

3-19-03: "I can not come where they have idols. I will tear them down, sometimes painlessly, somtimes with pain. People need to know I say what I mean, I can not lie.
MY promises are true. I would rather have people feel some heat now, than perish in pain and torment and gnashing of teeth forevermore. People put MY Father first, HE should be your only true worship. Gold and silver wither and turn to dust and blow away. Let ME in now! The time grows near!
Words from the book of life, for all is Obadiah 1:15."

3-21-03: "MY Father can not look upon sin. I AM the truth and the way. I AM calling people to come to ME. MY arms are open wide for all. I make them right and pure in MY Father's eyes. Come one and come all, I do not wish any should perish. I come to save and bring all people hope to live forever. I come not to destroy, but remember I AM a judge also, it is in MY book. I wish more people had the patience I have. Remember do not tarry. Come!"

3-24-03: " These words of wisdom and truth Isaiah 38:18-19.
All repent and become Holy before MY Father"

3-27-03: "World, I love every thing in this world, but stay humble and I will pour out MY mercy and grace. You have to come to ME now. The time is getting short. Always be watchful, like a watchman with his lamp burning. All stay in MY truth it will light your path. Read these words,
Luke 21:36. These are MY truths, not the worlds."

4-4-03: "All know, I AM the author of peace,but I also bring confusion to show the true light to all. Love is a free gift. Phillipians 3:10. I giver to all, give it freely to all who seek. Let them find love in all things. Then they can say this is from MY Father."

4-7-03: "Everyone, listen to MY voice I AM calling out to all. This I give from MY book, Lamentations 3:28-30. Great is MY Father's love and wrath. Come all into MY Kingdom , do not perish away."

4-9-03: "I come to all, to open the eyes, to see MY glory in everything. I come to save all and give abundantly to those who seek MY face. Here for all, MT words of truth, Galatians 5:24-25."

4-21-03: "Most churches talk about ME, but they refuse to let ME come in. Tell all I want to come in. MY people open the doors and let ME in. I do not come where I AM not welcome. Tell all the time is short. I say again tell them to let ME in! Here are MY words for all, 1 Corinthians 7:23, for all to remember. I will soon bring
division among people. You will know who is for ME and who
is against ME. Either stand for ME or against ME, which will it be this day?"

4-24-03: "People of this nation, I come to all, do not shut ME out. All read Hebrews 10:22-25."

4-29-03: "I have a message for all from MY Father. Read and search HIS word, listen to what HE says, and do it. James 1:22."

5-9-03: "All people who stand in a pulpit are to seek ME only, and are to please MY Father, not man! State and preach MY word only. Someday soon all will answer to MY Father. Time is growing short. I will call MY faithful servants. Tell all these words from MY book, the book of life. Romans 9:21."

5-12-03: "Time is near. Judgement comes to all. I know all hearts. Your place is to follow ME only. Many will cry out and say we spoke YOUR NAME. I will answer, I never knew you, depart from ME. Remember MY words 1 Peter 4:14."

5-16-03: "I say this to all who want to know truth. Cleave to that which never fades, never withers, that is MY word. It stands forever. I give these words of wisdom for all. Isaiah 40:8."

5-20-03: "Tell all I AM here to stay,and I AM the GREAT I AM the begining and the end. Here are words I give all Psalms 37:11, take heed to MY words. Do not let the father of lies deceive you."

5-29-03: " I come with a word from MY Father, who reigns over all things. Listen and take heed to what HE says. HE is sending out prophets and visionaries to tell HIS messages. When all come to the knowledge, that I AM LORD-all powerful, and AM their God and that I AM the source of their strength, then they shall truly know ME. Remember all never to test ME, I do what is right and pleasing to MY Father. Always place the first commandment, first in your life. Tell all to read and take heart to MY words in Luke 16:13. Why do people not listen to MY voice? I speak loud and clear to all. I AM the LORD God of the living, not the dead. Come unto ME and be alive. Here are MY words for all,1 Thessalonians 5:16-18."

6-2-03: "Here are words I give all 2 Chronicles 6:30. Tell all again, MY arms are open. Come all into MY rest."

6-5-03: " Nation of Mine, put ME first in everything. People; go and tell your neighbors MY good news. Also tell them time is growing short. I wish none to perish. I say this to all MY children 1 Thessalonians 1:4."

6-9-03: this from the angel Gabriel "Remember all; you serve only one true God. There is none other. All people are God's servants. This is for all to read from his word. The only true word. Hosea 14:9. Remember what the Lord says in Hebrews 10:25. I speak only what the Lord says. Soon, you people everywhere will see me."

6-14-03: "I AM the only power there is. So many humans forget that all their strength comes from ME. Those who are weak are made strong in ME. Pride is a sin. It will be punished. All humans need to humble themselves. Read MY words and take them to heart Matthew 14:25-27."

7-1-03: "I have words to share with all from MY book and From MY Father. People; be watchful at all times. Walk in MY ways in all you do. Read Romans 13:11-14."

7-9-03: "I have a message for all to hear. Time is short. Go out everyone, and tell your lost loved ones about ME. Here is a word from the true book Luke 11:28."

7-18-03: "All hear MY words in Isaiah 12:2. Everything you have comes from MY Father."

7-21-03: "World;time is short. I will talk to this nation now and more. Do not hold tightly to things of this world. They will be eaten up, then they are gone. Lay up treasures that are eternal. Watch the signs. Read MY word and watch
1 John 1:17 also Jude 22."

7-28-03; "Time is short. Everyone hear what I say. Do not
turn away MY messengers. They only speak what I give them. Mourn, and shout for joy for what is coming for MY children.
Remember to rest in ME. I created all things, I can take away all things. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that I AM LORD. All people are each others servants. You are to serve one another. All be watchful, I have given you a watchman. Read MY words and write them on your heart Jeremiah 51:15-19. Nation go and pray sincerely and turn back to who created you. All know what I say, if Satan fights against himself then that will be the end of him. All should honor MY Father and try to be like Him in all things. All give your full attention to what I say, so that you will not drift away in these end times. Many will fall by the wayside. Be of good cheer. Those who write MY words on their hearts will stand."

8-203: "Come all who need rest. Rest in ME. I AM the only one who can give true rest. Nation, quit laying up treasures that will rot away. The harvest is ripe. Where are MY workers to harvest it?"

8-6-03 Angel spoke; thus saith the Lord, "Tell all I will take away what this nation holds dear. Time is near to see MY power. I will uproot unholiness. People will see things more clearly. People do not put your lamp under a bed.Let it shine for all to see. Come and shine MY light for all to see, all My children. Churches obey MY commandments, not what humans put on you. Churches do not set traditions above MY commands."

8-11-03: "All seek MY face and you will see ME. I instructed Aaron to bless the people. I AM instructing MY pastors to bless MY sheep. For them to seek MY face and speak MY truth. Daily keep being filled with MY spirit. I want to bring revival to this nation. Tear down your pride. Then you will have humility and see MY face. Pray MY words in Psalm 139:23-24. Churches remember; lest you forget MY words in James 4:6. I say again repent and turn from your sins. Do not put mans traditions above MY commands."

8-24-03: "I come to seek and save, that which is lost. Apart from ME you can do nothing. All need to know this. Know all what I say. Faith can heal all that is wrong with this nation. All must be born again. Born of water and spirit. Come and I will fill people everywhere. I know what's on the inside. I look at the heart. Nation watch MY chosen Israel. Time grows short. Be alert and watchful. Churches; wake up and let ME in I AM knocking loud."

8-28-03: "Hear now all ye people of this nation. Ye must be born again. Put on the new person. Shepherds of MY flock must tell all this: know there is a second death. Ye must be born again of water and spirit. I will give you a new heart. I will put within you a heart of flesh and take away the stone heart. Come unto ME and be born again. Again I say; put MY commands first,over everything. DO NOT PUT ME IN A CRATE! Churches let ME in."

9-1-03: "Tell all the end is growing near. Repent and turn from your wicked ways. People of this nation think they are doing right in MY Father's sight, but they need to read MY word and know MY commands. Read MY words of truth in Daniel 12:1-3. All that is written is true and will come to pass."

9-12-03: "Time grows short for all. Tell all to repent and turn to ME for life eternal. Tell all these words from ME. Read and study MY truth in all things. Read Deuteronomy 30:20 it is truth. I say again follow ME not man's traditions. This nation has taken ME out their laws. Do not take ME out of your hearts. Keep MY first commandment above all else. Peace I give to those who havw ears and obey what I say. CHURCHES I AM COMING!"

9-23-03: "I AM coming back with the sound of a trumpet. Loud and clear. Be ready. I AM the Lion of Judah. MY children will rejoice on that day. People are you ready to see MY face? All ask this question. To thine ownself be true. Keep MY fire burning, keep stoking it day and night. Listen and take heed to MY words in Matthew 24:7-8. This nation is in labor pains now. MY words in 2 Peter 3:9 are truth. Know this in your heart."

9-29-03: "Time is at hand to pluck the harvest. It is ripe and overflowing. Tell all to praise ME in all things,not just on Sunday. I come to give plentiful life to all. All things were put here for a purpose. To tell of MY love and greatness. If you know MY word, you know ME. Study and write on your heart, 2 Peter 1:5-11."

10-2-03:"Nation of MINE you have been using your own cisterns. Thus they cracked and will not work. I AM the only true living God. I do not crack or break. Know true mercy also calls for true justice. I bring justice to all. I AM appealing to all people on behalf of MY Father. Repent and turn from your sins. I AM waiting with open arms. Do not make MY house of prayer nothing but a house of idols. The people are MY house of prayer. Read Psalm 25:3"

10-7-03:"Know all; you judge by flesh and according to flesh. I judge by spirit and truth. All will come into MY judgement. I say again it is coming soon. When you hear MY voice do not harden your hearts. Hold fast to MY teaching. Know Hebrews 3:14-15."

10-14-03:"Nation; why do you split over man's rules? You have not obeyed MY laws. MY laws are truth and truth shall set you free. With all ye idols,you are in prison. Do all see the signs? Watch! For now the time grows short. Know what I say in 1 Samuel 15:23. Do not let anything or anyone stand in the way of ME and MY commands. MY children; stand-up for what is right in MY sight,not the worlds."

10-21-03:"Nation know what I say again. Do not worship man's rules, but obey them unless they go against MY Father's laws. Know what I say in Mark 7:6-9. Write these words of truth on your heart, lest you forget. Nation you are in trouble and more trouble is coming. Hear what I say. Do you not care about the widows and the orphans? Take heed to MY words for the time grows near."

10-29-03:"All read MY words in James 4:7-9. Start now to serve ME. Time is at hand. This nation has made its choice. They serve riches and worship idols, not the one true living God."

11-9-03:"Change is coming. I wish none to perish. Always remember I control everything, weather and all. People need to be told, that the air they breathe, I make. They live because of ME. This nation is a dark nation. It has taken ME out. I will not be moved. MY Father is judging now. Watch and see. This message is for all. Come to ME with a heart of repentance."

11-25-03:"Now is the time. Seek ME and you will find ME. This nation has not sought ME, yea they go after other gods. My sheep know ME and they know MY voice. People of this nation have put MY laws under the ground and trampled on them. Know I see all things. I see what is in the heart. You turn justice to wormwood and lay MY righteousness to rest, in the earth. Come to ME and repent. You are in labor pains now. Turn away from your sins and you will see MY face."

12-3-03:"I come with a message for all. Turn to ME, for all your questions about this world. Turn to MY book. MY truth has the answers. Read till the end. I will set-up a new earth. I say again, tear down your idols. I AM the giver of blessings. I judge rightly. Know MY words."

12-9-03:"MY Father is weeping for this nation."

12-18-03:"I come with words from MY book;for all Revelation 13:9-10. Read it and take it to heart. I will be coming again soon with more words."

12-20-03:"Know MY arms are open wide. All come to ME. I wish none to perish."

12-26-03:"People; quit looking everywhere, but to ME for your answers. I AM all you need to know. Read MY words,Lamentations 3:40. I Am here for all with MY arms open wide. Come unto ME. The only true peace there is, is the one I giveth, not as the world giveth. I bless all those who love and obey ME."