Thus Saith the Lord 2006

Thus Saith the Lord 2006

Thus Saith the Lord 2006

The Lord Jesus began appearing to me while I lay dying of cancer in Roswell NM in Nov 1993. He usually appears in an intense white light while I am praying, I am unable to speak I can only listen. The Lords words were usually encouragement and guidance for me, but in January 2003 that changed. Herein follows the words of our Savior and King, Jesus to the nation and the church.

On 2-19-06 The Lord came and spoke:

“Many will see MY power manifested in many ways. Yes, miracles and signs. MY remnant will manifest these miracles. But, beware for many will call you heretics. The ones who will say this will be the religious leaders. I say, do not worry what you will say. They will bring you into the courts, speak what I say. My words will come forth.

Be, ye therefore like Peter who stepped out of the boat. But, ye do not take your eyes off of MY FATHER. He has prepared HIS remnant for such a time as this. Do always what is MY FATHER’S will. Do not turn to the left or right. The path is narrow, but walk on it in MY truth only. In this world there is no truth. Flesh rules. Where flesh rules there is no truth. Know; You MY remnant do not live in the flesh so you can speak only truth. People will accuse, do not worry you are in MY Spirit. Fearnot!!

To you who are in the world and are of the world; You worship idols made by men, they will perish and you will perish with them. Know all the gold and silver you give are not what I want of you. Give ME your heart and life. Repent now! You who put trust in silver and gold. Silver and gold will burn it will be thrown in the fire.

Why does MY judgement frighten people? You as MY children should rejoice, MY redemption draws nigh. Look up.
I the Lord have spoken.”

The Lord came on 4-5-06 at 4:30 AM and spoke:

” The time has come when people will not listen to right and Godly teaching. People are rejecting truth and following strange myths.

So many of MY so-called children are caught up in the affairs of this world and life. Lay up your treasures in heaven. There they will not rot or perish.

Many are acting religious, but are full of deceit and pride. That will be their downfall. So many who think they will hear welcome, will hear depart from ME I never knew you. Obedience is what I require, not sacrifice. When I say speak, speak. When I say go, go.

Look for things to come and come soon. Things and events you would not expect to see. All you prideful people, I spoke back in May to watch the weather, but Lo! you did not listen. You go running around in circles when the weather surprises you.

Why do rulers try to make peace? It is futile. Do they not read MY word? There will be no peace till I return.

Things are going to start happening faster. Keep your mind and heart on the things of MY Father and stay in MY word. Write it on your heart. For a time will come when you will not have MY word with you in written form. You will only have it on your heart. I will quicken it to your mind. When you face persecution for MY names’ sake and Lo! it will come. You will speak only the words I have given you.

Know: I AM coming back for a spotless bride. Why do you people think that you can not walk in Holiness now? I give you all power to walk Holy and spotless. When you deny that, you are denying MY Blood. Woe be unto you!

Nay! Keep looking east. The Kingdom of God is drawing near. Stay close to ME and I will stay by you.”

The Lord came on 5-5-06 and spoke:

“I have a word for this wicked place. No more warning to a nation. Judgment is coming.

This word is for this wicked nation. Deuteronomy 28:20

I say one on one, one can still repent and always come before ME and I will take them in.

Why does this nation think it can keep turning its back on ME and I will not get angered? So many say they read MY word. If you do, then you know that I get angered and turn people and nations over to their wicked ways.

I the Lord have spoken.”

On 5-19-06 the Lord came and spoke:

” I have a word for the churches. Take heed and listen closely. Yes, judgment starts in MY house as of today.

I will tear down your boxes and build them into MY bodies. Some will allow, some will not. Woe be unto ones who will not. I WILL REMOVE MY LAMP!

Do you not see that when I chastise it is because I love you? Your faith will either stand in the times ahead, or it will fall. Lamentations 2:6-7″


“People, MY arms are still stretched out. Why do you not see? MY blood has not changed. It cleanses and purifies. Why are so many blind? All they see is themselves. So many are perishing, right in front of you. Reach the lost sheep. Time grows short.” .


“I send-out today, just as I did with MY disciples. Everyone is MY disciple. So many do not see this, or do not want to be MY disciple. They want ME to save them, but Lo, do not take-up their cross and follow ME. That is what being a disciple is about. This word is for all.” .


“People mock ME. Tell all I will not be mocked! They will serve ME, or their riches. Which will it be?”.


The Lord came in a dream and spoke to me at 4:30 A.M.
“The people have forgotten MY first commandment. If ye have not the first commandment, ye can not love your neighbor, nor can you reach them.
You run around in circles doing nothing. If you have MY first commandment, you are accomplishing much. Have you thrown out Matthew 22:37-38?

Who will I find with faith when I return? Nay, I will say again. There is no fear of MY Father, only fear of mere mortals. Fear those who can kill the soul. Write MY words in Isaiah 8:11-13 on your heart. Do not follow false teachers, or false ones who call themselves MY shepherds.

This message is urgent. Time is short. The days are getting shorter. Know there is a remnant of people and MY remnant will know who is serving ME and who is not. Malachi 3:16-18 .


The Lord came and spoke:

Isa 56:11 Yes, they are greedy dogs Which never have enough. And they are shepherds Who cannot understand; They all look to their own way, Every one for his own gain, From his own territory. “This is what many of MY so-called shepherds are doing.”



The Lord spoke:

” This generation has no less power than when I walked the earth. What is wrong with MY so-called bodies? When you speak MY name, demons have to flee. Why are you not seeing this? You do not see the lame to walk, the dead to rise. You are ignoring the power which I have given you.

I AM raising-up some, whom you will see walk in MY power. You will see the lame walk and the dead rise.

Did I not part the Red Sea and feed them manna? That is what MY Father did. Then I HIS Son came and performed many miracles. Yet you do not see!

OH! How long will this generation walk not in the fullness of MY power? MY power has been given them but, MY bodies are like whitewashed tombs.

I say again, I AM raising-up a band of powerful soldiers, who are walking in their full annointing, from on High.

The churches are like dry bones. They walk around rattling and doing nothing. Churches! Do not let the bones blow away. So many have let false teaching in and they have blown away. Know MY Word is true. Judgement starts in MY House. Why do I search high and low for MY true church and do not find it?

Listen! MY revival army is coming. Welcome MY army in or I will shut your doors. If who I AM raising-up and sending out to warn, are not welcome. Then I know that I AM not welcome. It is your choice. As I have stated in Joshua “as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

This will be an army like that of Stephen, Peter, John, and Paul. They will not be stepped on or detered. They have one Master and that Master is ME, Jesus Christ! Persecution or famine can not stop them.

The line has been drawn. Pick up your cross or fall by the wayside. Today is the day of salvation. Will you follow false gods or the true Living God? No more being tossed about like waves. Stand up and be counted as a soldier in MY army. Now!

Why do you not see things which have been set to happen. So many do not read MY Word which tells of these things which are begining to happen.

That is why I AM raising-up MY army, MY Revival Army now. They will warn and rebuke and show the true Way. MY true Way is Holiness. With out it no person will see MY Father. If you walk in MY power and love, you will be like ME. Why do you not see this?

Because you have not hearkened to MY words. I AM sending out MY soldiers. They will do what I spoke in Mark 16:20. They will also warn and rebuke for what is coming is judgement. For MY soldiers are MY Revival Army.” .